Howto Use SP Flashtools flash stock rom for Otto smartphone device

Instructions for using Flashtool up Otto Smartphone or Tablet rom

First you need to download and install the driver for your device:
Step by step Flash rom for Otto Smartphone or Tablet:

Open flash_tool.exe and select Scatter-loading to find the ROM Otto Smartphone or Tablet directory, select the file MT6572_Android_scatter_emmc.txt

Press Download and remove the battery again (do not turn on the power) press the Volume up or down sound button to get the computer to receive the Driver and plug the cable to receive the Otto Smartphone or Tablet phone and the software will load the ROM automatically

Note: (Uncheck Preloader (Because it is running while it is out of power or cable is determined to eat HARD BRICK) So if you have a laptop, it is safer to run on a laptop.

After selecting, click Download

Wait for it to load as shown (Yellow stripe)

About a few minutes when the rom is successfully uploaded, it will notify Download OK that the rom upload process has been 100% successful and unplug the phone.

Good luck.

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